Fun Facts

So how is the freeze-dried food you eat a healthy choice?  Well, stick around, my friend, because you are about to learn just why freeze-dried food is a nutritional and delicious delight that your taste buds are sure to thank you for.  Candy being an exemption since it is really never going to be "healthy"


  • You may not believe it, but it’s true – freeze drying preserves 97% of the nutrients in food, which, compared to other methods such as canning (40% preserved) or dehydrating (60% preserved), is a pretty big difference. 
  • Freeze-drying is not a new-fad thing. It has been around for years and years. Not only did astronauts get to float around eating ice cream in space, but freeze-drying was also used in World War II to preserve blood serum/platelets and penicillin, which made it more convenient when wounded soldiers were in need.  
  • Freeze-dried food holds close to its original form, but that’s not all. It also maintains much of the original texture and sometimes more intense flavor and is much lighter in weight.   Since it doesn’t shrink, the food is not tough or chewy. 
  • Shelf-life of healthy freeze-dried meals. This is an especially enticing little fact for those who are all about food storage and prepping. When packaged (nitrogen sealed and packed in poly bags or cans) and stored correctly (in rooms with adequate temperature and humidity control), freeze-dried food can last up to 25 years and still be as yummy as the day you bought it with NO added preservatives, but how long depends on how you package and store the item.  In ideal conditions, freeze dried food has been known to last for 25 years.  Preservatives? Additives?  If using natural foods, healthy freeze-dried meals have very little if any of these unwanted things. 
Here is one of the most fun things about freeze-drying foods – things such as fruits and candies can be enjoyed without rehydration. They are wonderfully crunchy, airy snacks.  They maintain their nutritional value and are delicious. Simply pop them in your mouth and savor the joy they bring to your taste buds.