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Splittles (original)

Splittles (original)

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Your favorite rainbow candy is now even better. Splittles are made from Skittles being freeze-dried. During the freeze-drying process, after the moisture is removed, the candy expands and the shell SPLITS open, and now it is no longer your normal chewy candy that gets stuck in your teeth and braces. They are light, crunchy, and so delicious!

Our bags/containers are entirely resealable!

Great snacks to bring to the game, camping, work, lunch treat, or just for sharing with your friends 

DISCLAIMER:  Skittles is a registered trademark licensed by Mars Wrigley.  To prevent consumer confusion and to protect the Trademark rights of each candy or dessert manufacturer, Sweet Chaoss has an obligation to inform all potential customers that:  Sweet Chaoss is NOT associated with or sponsored by Mars Wrigley.   The candies we use ARE authentic however, once freeze-dried, the texture and taste can be changed.

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